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2012 Reunion Goodies

Don’t forget the Seymour  reunion is coming up on May 19, 2012. This may be our last reunion for awhile so we decided to gather some goodies for souvenirs.  We don’t have a quilt this year but we do have 5 lap blankets and 3 bags which have been embroidered with the date.  They will…

2009 Reunion Picture

The picture in the header is from the 2009 reunion. I didn’t get a group picture from 2010. If anyone has has any you can post to let me know.  I’ll see your email address but it won’t be publicly visible.  I’ll send you the email address to send the pictures to me.

Great 2010 Reunion!

We had a great reunion at new location.  This year we met at the Apache Community Building on Main Street.  It was air-conditioned and inexpensive (the rent included kitchen priveleges)…two things we really appreciated. There were many new faces this year and we missed many who couldn’t make it.  There was a loss shortly aftward as…